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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The HB90

This little gem hits the floor tomorrow and has mixed sentment coming out of committee. It did, however, glean an acknowledged minority report in "Ought to Pass". The majority report was the dreaded and cowardly ITL. HB90 attempts to repeal certain provisioned jammed down our throats by my nemisis ( I won't have to look that one up again) Senator John- forever in your binezz- Gallus. His last term ram rod SB458 effectively took away local governance as does much of his previously, personally proposed and supported intrusive non-Libertarian legislation. How the hell does this guy win those awards??? This HB90 bill could also have unintended positive consequences on this terms SB121 and others that run skidders and ATV's right through your drinking water well. Mmmm, yummmy. Hopefully this HB90, that has a few heavy Righty hitters supporting it and indeed actually having proposed it,(5-co-sponsors-all Righties) will make sense to the majority House that shows up to vote. Stay tuned.

The Manchester Union Leader has a story supporting HB90 in today's edition. I'm still afraid I might be having a 60's flashback!
You mean the Beatles are not coming to Stark this week? Hey, someone said they had music at Woodstock?
Here is the article in the Union Leader
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