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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Governator.

Gotta share this little tid-bit of really innovative action from a real Guvnah. I wonder if we can get him to move to Cow Hampshire? This guy may not be correct all the time but he has a set of equipment that is seriously lacking in our Head State elected officials.
March 17, 2005 -- WE'LL never change the Constitution to let him become president, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is conducting a one-man revolution aimed at providing presidential leadership.
The East Coast media has missed the full dimensions of the California governor's accomplishments and bold proposals. Together, they constitute one of the most astounding, imaginative and forward-thinking agendas in our recent history.

Start with the War on Terror. While President Bush hunts the terrorists down and pressures nation-states to give up their sponsorship of terror gangs, Schwarzenegger is working to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism once and for all — by ending our dependence on foreign oil and stopping the worldwide economic and climatic distortions that global oil usage causes.

He's doing it by providing aggressive state leadership to open the way for hydrogen fuel cell cars. While President Bush speaks of the advent of these vehicles in the indefinite future, Gov. Schwarzenegger is bringing them to the here and now by converting gas stations along California's interstate highways to provide hydrogen fuel as well as gasoline.

With financing projected to come one-third each from federal, state and private sources, California will offer hydrogen fuel every few miles in urban areas and at least every 20 miles along the highway system by 2010. Eventually, he and the leaders of Washington, Oregon, Baja California and British Columbia will work together to create a "hydrogen highway" that will run from B.C. (British Columbia) to B.C. (Baja California).

The Schwarzenegger plan calls for state-subsidized production of hydrogen and for tax incentives for those who purchase hydrogen cars.

Replacing gasoline engines with hydrogen-fuel cells would eliminate two-thirds of America's need for oil — a demand that we could meet entirely with domestically produced oil.

Oh, bite your keyboard Willy. Herr Gropenator should not be president. This is a good thing he's doing - but don't forget, Ahnold owns several Hummers.
I thought he was called "the grope-a-nator"?
You have to remember that Arnold is in CAL-I-FORN-I-AY! On the political spectrum california is like the opposite of ALABAMA! I am sure hydro cars is the bare minimum of the demands of their progressive minded legislature.
I liked the movie he was in with Jamie Lee Curtis, True Lies. I also think those Hummers are pretty sharp looking rides. I may sell a few of my internal organs on the black market and buy one if we can get hydro over here. I guess I'll just go bite my keyboard. Asta la vista, babies.
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