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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Geography HB665

Now I know this thing passed the House already(HB665, minimum wage increase) but I did actually pee just a little with laughter at the fact that when Representative Jarvis Adams veryR-Hillsborough, in opposition to the bill, said "...New Hampshire leads all five of the New England States..." Well after the 5 New England states thing, I really thought hmmm, self, this Stateis totally screwed being run by a majority of nitwits that don't know how many states make up some of the original 13 colonies. When I went to school, there were 6 states and I wasn't going to name them for you but the hell with it. I don't want you 11 regular readers of this truth thome to be in the shadow of the Righty moronicness and be caught unaware if you run into the Good Rep. Jarvis-duh-Adams.
Rhode Island-R
Connecticut-DINO Joe
Maine-semi R
The Republican Majority of New Hampshire-???
Now that's 6 right? Jarvis could use some tutoring here but he voted against the HB616 to fund schooling so maybe if we have a teacher in the readership, could you please clue this brainsurgeon in to the geography of his region? Hey, maybe we can get ahold of the former Rep from Hillsborough, Larry Elliot, the guy that said he didn't want to be one of those pols that is in the House until he draws his last breath. Larry has some free time off.Hmmm. Stay in school kids.

Jarvis must be one of the children who got left behind. Even with the minimum wage increase, NH will still have the lowest minimum wage in New England.

We have the cheapest cigarettes and beer too. Yay NH!!
"Even with the minimum wage increase, NH will still have the lowest minimum wage in New England."

Susanb you know that is just misleading. There are only like, what, 2 or 3 states in new england. And 9 out of those 3 are actually in Mexico.

Willy article reminds me of a stoor I heard about fred tuttle. Supposedly he asked this other politician that he was running against "how many teets does a cow have?". The guy was from Mass. and he said 5.
jon - if you ever have the chance, rent the movie "Man With a Plan" starring Fred Tuttle. It's priceless.

Sorry about the fuzzy New England math - what was I thinking???
Now depending on how many cheap beers and cigarettes you partake could very well influence which end of the cow you are viewing therefore the quantity of teats could be 4, 5 or even 6. Oh wait, is that a male cow or female cow? I'll ask Jarvis. He got left behind.
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