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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gallus update.

I just received an e-reply to my contact with the Good Senator Gallus concerning my urging him to support HCR8. (see my blogo). He chose his words a bit more carefully than he did when he answered Jons request to stomp out SB121. His reply to this blogoscyte was, "Thanks Willy. I'll look at it when it comes up." Hmmm. Not quite the ITL gaff but very politically expedient for his incumbancy just the same. {Is fire hot? I will look into the research to that issue and get back to you.} Thanks Big John. Can you show me a house or some clearcut property? Although I must say I am pleased he has started answering my e-chats again. I think he did that only because I cc'd the sponsor of the bill and haven't written a letter to the editor bashing him up in awhile. (Mental note-write LTE bashing Gallus on something)

Anyhooo, another tid-bit to look into "when it comes up" is Senator Gallus and his already quoted personal opposition to allowing the minimum wage bill HB665 to pass the senate. He thinks it will hurt employment. Him, Carl Johnson and Joe Kenney, all RRRR's and all vigorously opposing this huge raise to make gajillionaires (or is that bazillionaires) out of those already loaded old folks(or rich old folks) bilking Social Security and those single, two job moms that Rush tells to get a better job. Conservative compassion at its finest. Only during primary and general election season. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!

This just goes to show where Gallus' concerns are - business over people any day. Naturally the business owners who pay minimum wage are crying to him about how they can't afford a wage increase. Horse hockey.

This is why it is vitally important to get low income folks to vote - and to vote in their best interest, which is NOT REPUBLICAN.

Can we get some folks to write letters to the editor and embarass Senator Gallus?
As far as horses playing hockey, that season is a lockout this year. Letters to the editor do tend to draw attention as I have found out much to my satisfaction. My articles and campaign photo are always attached to the dart board at the Wagon Wheel in Jefferson. Coming at it from the perspective of the regular Joeshit D. Raggmann or Jane Baggodonuts will make good hay. Pardon the pun. There are more regular working folks up here than lobbyists so that should be mentioned as well. See you in the papers and at the rink.
These guys [and our guys] get elected on "oh I know him" name recognition. It doesn’t take too much stink to turn that name recognition against them. Letters to the editor are just about the worse attack that a state legislator can get. At least up here with all the touchie feelie hometown photo op news.
Incedentally, the Wagon Wheel in Jefferson is the Righty hideout and they usually meet the 3rd thursday P.M of the month. My pic on the dart board there isn't because they like my finely chiseled mug and dashing silver rug. However I'm sure there are a few of them that would like to take a chisel to my grill work.
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