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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

From the desk of Paul Hodes

I copied this little tid bit from and I thank all parties concerned for allowing me to do so even though they didn't know I did so. I don't think Mr. Hodes will mind one bit. I met this guy a few times last cycle and he is the man!!! The format may be slightly screwed up but deal with it. You're a working Democrat used to dealing with adversity.

For Immediate Release Contact: Paul W. Hodes April 18, 2005 Phone: 603-225-1036 Paul Hodes Calls on Congressman Bass to End Support of DeLay

“Charlie Bass has long been a loyal supporter of Tom DeLay,” said Hodes. “Congressman Bass has received $14,233 from Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC, he has repeatedly voted for Mr. DeLay as majority leader. He even voted to weaken House ethics rules to help protect Mr. DeLay. It’s time for Mr. Bass to realize that Tom DeLay is a cancer on the Congress, and his unethical behavior is compromising the American people’s faith in the institutions of government. It’s time for Mr. Bass to stand up for New Hampshire and join the growing bi-partisan chorus of elected officials calling for Mr. DeLay to step down.” Last year, the House Ethics Committee reprimanded Mr. DeLay on three different occasions. Early this year, House Republicans voted to weaken ethics committee regulations to make it more difficult to investigate Mr. DeLay’s questionable activities. The latest controversies surrounding DeLay include trips he took that were allegedly paid for by lobbyists, his relationship to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is under F.B.I. investigation, DeLay’s payments of more than $500,000 to family members for “campaign work”, and DeLay’s involvement in possible illegal activity by his Texans for a Republican Majority PAC. Paul Hodes ran against Congressman Bass in New Hampshire’s Second District last year. Mr. Hodes is currently exploring his options and considering another run against Mr. Bass.

The full text of Mr. Hodes’ letter is included below. -30- April 18, 2005 Hon. Charles F. Bass Washington, D.C. 20515 Re: Majority Leader DeLay

Dear Congressman Bass: I am writing to discuss a matter of utmost importance to the United States Congress, the American political process, and the people of this country. Last year I called on you to renounce the unethical actions and tactics of your Majority Leader Tom DeLay, but you chose to remain silent. Today I again call on you to stand with the growing number of principled members of both parties who believe that Mr. DeLay’s ethics violations are a cancer on the Congress. As you know, the House Ethics Committee – which your party recently turned into a toothless body in order to protect Mr. DeLay – admonished Mr. DeLay on three separate occasions last year. Since then, additional allegations continue to mount about improper dealings with lobbyists, questionable expenses on his behalf, and his involvement in the TRMPAC scandal. With each passing day, more information comes to light about Mr. DeLay’s abuses of power as Majority Leader. And every day, more and more members of your party are publicly calling for Mr. DeLay to resign his position in order to restore faith in the Congress and party leadership, and yet you remain silent. And so again I call on you to rise above partisan loyalty and publicly denounce Mr. DeLay’s behavior as Majority Leader and demand he resign from his leadership post. Your continued support of Mr. DeLay’s abuse of his powerful position makes a mockery of your 1994 election pledge to support the Republican Contract with America which stated that one of its guiding principles was “ In the last session of Congress, you voted with your partisan party leadership more than 90% of the time, but now it is time to stand up for and answer to the people who elected you. You finally have an opportunity to be an independent voice for the people of New Hampshire. So I again implore you, for the good of this great country, to call for Mr. DeLay to resign as Majority Leader. Please act now, today, to give the people of New Hampshire the independent representation they deserve, and to move this country beyond the politics of fear, intimidation and scandal.

Sincerely, Paul W. Hodes
Paid for by Paul Hodes for Congress

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