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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fresh from the floor.

This is just the taudry affairs of politics that keep Citizen Colin Powell from seeking elected office. This is also the stuff that disgusts me to the point of infuriation and keeps me in the game with more unbridled, unabashed, and alot more adjectives, to get the Majority Righty Cowards out of office.

The point, (please) is the added tax to smokers. Now I know alot of us environmentally freindly folks don't care but the HB535 cigarette tax hike is passed the House. Another 28 cents on the backs of a discriminatory few. We would all be upset if they added a tax to our beloved amber nectar I'm sure. Anyhooo, an additional few pennies to fund education while apporximately $1M annually from the tobac tax does fund smoker related illnesses. Nuff said.

Here's the spoiled meat... HB1 ( the first part of the State budget) has passed the House with no additional (approximately as reported yesterday) $23M to fund essential services to medicaid and HHS. This doesn't even include the new, updated, strategically placed, $15M shortfall hidden, that's right I said hidden, by another potentially corrupt Righty figure in HHS. This failed amendment, Hager/Wallner, would have reaped an additional $9M, thats nine freekin million sheckles, from Federally matched funds. This fed $$$ was ours to begin with and these Righty bucket heads have given it to some other State with all the reckless abandon of a Marine coming off the hill, spending his pay down town once a month. Now these Righty obstructionists that helped kill the Federal funding assistance and basic State funding to essential medicaid and HHS services, and vote against any support for developmentally disabled, community health programs and mental health care include Fred King, RRR- Colebrook, Eric Stohl, RRR Columbia, Renney Morneau (who???) R-Berlin and Littletons own John Ward, RRR.

Now Representative Ward will need to explain to White Mountain Regional Health Center located in his own district, why they have to boot out most of the developmentally challenged and mentally handicapped patients to seek healthcare, oh, I don't know, Canada. We buy their hemp, we might as well buy their health care too.

Disabled and mentally challenged conservative compassion is only available 3-6 weeks before the general election. This is the stuff to get all those aformentioned adjectives together and get friggin hot at the MRC's overwhelmingly shortsighted, narrow minded, obdurate thinking and management methods. I think even the Coos Economic Development Corp would give up their County tax payer supplied pork and would give a few pennies to allow funding for these down trodden souls that Hubert Humphrey warned us years ago to protect.

The second portion of the State budget, HB2, is on the floor as we speak. GET HOT!!!

I am concerned with societys views on the mentally challenged citizans and the attitudes given to them by others. I read a really disturbing situation about a kind "challenged" man and his offer to do something nice for a corvette owner. In the end, what really surprised me is the comments left by others when the man was referred to as a Retard! You can read the whole story at . Am I just to sensative or is this blantant discrimination?
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