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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fish and Game big game plan

This is just the gig we were speaking to the Littleton folks about last P.M. concerning our input and education about certain issues. The New Hampshire Fish and Game department is holding open house on their 10 year plan to goals and objectives toward big game populations. It is not a bitch session, although the good officer I just spoke with on the phone said they would take all comments into consideration. This plan is to establish long term (again 10 years) population figures not how to attain/sustain/ maintain, said populations of bear, moose, turkey, deer, legislators. This committee responsible for looking into and taking action on these species is loaded with biologists, game specialists, blogologists, (sorry) and even my buddy Edi Tucker sits on a working committee for wild life concerns with another Randolph resident and outdoorsman Bob Potter. Good company for the voice of the responsible environmental protection solutions. The meetings will be in Concord,( after all there are tons of bears and moose wandering around Hazen drive and parking is crazy during moose season) Fish and Game HQ, 26April2005, 3:30-5:00 and again at 6:30-8:00. In Lancaster Fish and Game H.Q. going towards my house out of Lancaster,(heh-heh) 28April2005 same times as Concord. This is really a good chance to see the long range plans and wiegh in on some far reaching goals and objectives to our wild life management and critter populations. I wonder if we can get them to open a season on the dreaded prehistoric nuisance varmint, the crowned lying righty? Those things are everywhere in Stark and Concord. I'll be at the hearing taking copious notes and will see how Edi is doing. See Doug, I can reach across the aisle on certain issues.

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