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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A few Granite Status topics.

Once again it's time to check in with the Righty Union Leader. There are as few possible troubling issues of concern with Civil Rights and Civil Unions. Another Benson obstructionist holdover is purportedly the stain in charge of the same sex marriage commission. Mr. Buckley won't have that.

Bruce Keough is trying to be taken seriously again with my new buddy to loathe Prince Bass.

Gene Chandler is indeed making assertions that he refuses to accept the Fed Banks request to step off the board. This guy thinks the planet will stop rotating if he gets out of politics and the mess he has created is not a mess but a cushy pad for his legacy. I'll send you some stamps in the big house Gene. Tell Mr. Gotti I said wazzup.

General Wesley Clark is in the area and several other tid bits from Joe Liebermans endorsers to the '04 Prez election. Worht peeping.

p.s. Did anyone believe that Bode Miller was really going to take on Bass next term? He did make his announcement on April first afterall.

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