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Monday, April 04, 2005

Ethics and chocolate cake.

One of my favorite things is hearing that the chocolate cake is ready for chocolate moose track ice cream, Cheerios and milk. A very close second is the continued, self made problems of deposed House tyrant Gene Chandler. Now I was taught that we shouldn't revel in other peoples pain but like I said, this guy made his own bed and if it be Gods wiil that Mr. Chandler suffers a heinous, firey yet much deserved bumpy ethical road of consequence ahead, then I will indeed pray on God and His will be done.

A special ethics committee will (or has been, no info yet) named to have a ,get this, public hearing on further ethics charges and possible violations by Mr. Chandler. He could receive sanctions, removal from office, (if it be Gods will , I hope) and other hand slapping that will let him keep his job at the House. It was Chandlers House that allowed such hubris and arrogance and power consolidation to run so rampant. Now dude is eating cake made with crow, not yummy chocolate. I hope he chokes on it(if it be Gods will). The Rules Committee which is chaired by the new Speaker Scammon himself, would be a good place to start and air your concerns and input. I am quite sure Speaker Scammon and the rest of the big juice on this Committee will take the considerations of we the people very seriously. The adage of " for every one constituant that writes a contact about an issue, there are 100 with the same sentiment" should allow us to continue on our course action of truth and transparent government and reform. This coming mid-term is ours to lose if we don't get our voices to the Gallus crowd in Concord. Chandler, Griffin and the rest of the alleged criminals disregard the 6 reguklar readers of this blog at their own peril. We will be heard. RISE UP!!!

I'm still hoping to see Chandler in an orange jumpsuit....paging the IRS...paging IRS...
A young Oregonian journalist, that formerly hustled stocks on Wall Street, just won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking a story and reporting on a powerful political figure in his state. Now if they can get stuff like that in a podunk Oregon, I'm quite sure we won't have to dig too far to get a few Pulitzers on this side of the Nation. Fodder like the stuff produced in Concord just cannot be artificially manufactured. The Righties hold all the patents. I might win a Pulitzer yet, Willy?

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