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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Communication and losing.

Some of you are not going to like this but tough shit. I came into this party a short time ago and many heads were firmly rectally attached and could not see the flowers for the hemorroids. A couple years later we can see the flowers but they still stink. The flagrant withholding and lack of communication is tragic, pathetic and has proven a losing war plan we continue to use with relish. And ketchup and mustard. Recently, the fact that, in the words of a leader I have mad respect for, "I have my thumb up my ass and I can't find it right now but things are going on in my ass that I can't tell you about right now". What the f%^@K is that shit about??? I am quite certain that Republican tactics with respect to our own town committees and county committees and the losers running our state committee, are tactics that are way beyond our DemocraPtic comprehension and ability to implement. We need a winning plan that includes good, constant, frequent, fresh, new information. Let me tell you something, my confused Lefty brothers and sisters, it is time we work together and pull our thumbs, heads and whatever else, out of our respective asses and work together with no regard to turf, covert action or any other petty second grade sandbox shit that goes along with it. We keep on this same tired trip, we will continue to lose in spades. Time for good change and time is right now. Not after we weep about losing again in the mid-terms. Does everyone savvy all aformentioned info???? Good. I will block my ears right now because I am sure the collective pulling of heads from asses will certainly be cause for sonic boomage. PEACE...PROGRESS...COMMUNICATION....$$$$$

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