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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another win for the good guys.

Swallow this with your second lunchtime taco. HB90 has passed the House and the info is not even published yet but that is not necessary for us not to celebrate. Let me clarify what this means initially. HB90 repeals certain wording in SB458 (that calls for no public input) on race tracks and other motor sports "education areas". It actually requires these tracks be called what they are. Race tracks are mandated to fall under certain legislation that exists and requires public hearings and planning board review. This new bill removes the slickster wording that Senator Shady Gallus inserted for his motorsports lobby pals. It goes across the hall to Gallus and his Senate crew.

Here is a quick look at some North Country pols that are voting to keep you in the muddled, poor, broken minority. These are NAY votes for HB665, the minimum wage bill that passed and you have been hearing so much about.
Tholl, King, Stohl, Ward, NAY Shocking. Tholl is leaching every Dalton tax payer dime he can with his official cop job over there and he complains about the very same Dunkin Donut workers, where he spends so much of his duty time, for wanting a bit of a wage bump. What a hypocrite. Now I really need to go set these tiles. Peace.

Holy Toledo - what a morning at the State House! I still can't believe it. Those testifying againt the minimum wage enough to make Jesus drink himself to sleep. Our GOP legislators are very willing to kick people off the very bottom rung of the ladder. Rep. Terie Norelli of Portsmouth pointed out eloquently that increasing the minimum wage might well decrease the dollar costs of social services. NH is willing to pay the pound of cure at ever opportunity.

On to HB90 - I can only speculate as to why Betsey Patten sponsored the bill only to turn on it in her committee. The interest from the GOP in this bill is staggering - State Party Chair Warren Henderson was in the gallery during the HB90 debate and vote. It will behoove us to follow the money trail on this one.

I was very sad to see Rep. Robert Theberge vote against HB90. I hope ya'll will ask him what that's about.

The Senate will be tough, since this deals with one of their bills, and so many of them took "campaign contributions" from CMI.

Carroll County Reps who voted against HB90: Gene Chandler, Carolyn Brown, Betsey Patten, and Mark McConkey. Carolyn Brown was supporting HB90 in February (I have an email to prove it) but apparently the GOP leadership reprogrammed her before the vote. Not one to take chances, Rep. Brown votes the way the leadership tells her to.

Can you tell I've had too much coffee????

Representative Peter Schmidt of Dover rocked the House in his testimony on this bill.

Sometimes the good guys win one - never mind 2 in the same day!!
Riveting comment as usual from future Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and professional blogologist commenter Susan B. I just love her and I'm not saying that because she will get a million dollars for her Pulitzer and she will be taking me to lunch either.
I have actually been asked about Mr. Theberge and where his allegiance lies and where his head is. I would hate to say to Robert that he needs to pull his head out of his chandler but I am growing a bit more chagrined by his appearing to be falling victim to and becoming a symptom of the problem. Hmmm.
If we could only get the kind of information that we are gathering here to the people we have already won.
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