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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Town meeting and ethics

This stuff just cannot be made up. Let me just start by saying that our Granite State has one of the oldest forms of local goverment in the country in our town meeting. A place to go and socialize, air your concerns and the last bastion for the local budget cut by the people. Now I myself have gotten my lunch handed to me by my neighbors here in the form of them not wanting to elect me over some popular long time residents running against me. I was good with that albeit a bit let down but again, town meeting democracy at its finest. I did not, however, following the sad news of my losses, bash the old ladies that were performing their civic duties as ballot checkers and supervisors of the checklist. There was this one solon though, down in Windham that allegedly punched one of these old gals in the chest and knocked her senseless and to the floor. This gal happens to be the alleged perps neighbor and she can see his house through her back yard. State Representative Chris Doyle, R-Windham is said to have gotten the unfortunate news that he lost his bid for selectman re-election by a bigger margin than I lost mine and dude just allegedly went ballistic. ( I sent Mr. Doyle my good wishes on the day the original complaint was made public but he didn't get back to me) Now the elderly lady had heart surgery a few years back and is rather slight in stature and Mr. Doyle is a fairly good sized, young fellow so this Righty bully was indeed outmatched. Now I know these are only contentions by the older of the two fisticuff champs but with a room full of firemen, a town cop and several other witnesses I'm thinking Mr. Doyle and his alleged elderly bashing days may be numbered as an elected official in the State House. A few years back the ethics committee helped dismiss a fellow kiting checks around the State and using his position to try and get out of parking tickets, that was good. Good job for the ethics crew. Another pol was escorted out of the House for making cursory and threatening statements to the law enforcement community at large. Good work ethics cleaning House! Still another was asked to resign because she hadn't shown up to a session...ever. Now, I will be keeping track of how Representative Doyle fares in the court room and I will keep you stalwart protectors of the hard working, down trodden, elderly ballot clerks apprised of the progress in the case. We shall also see if the ethics committee will go back to the old days when it had a full set of baggetts and show Mr. Doyle the other side of the door. Maybe I should say when they had a backbone? I am not affiliated with any Harvard profs so forgive my possible lack of P.C. More as it happens. STAY ACTIVE!!!

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