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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

These updates just in.

Several updates on very important issues to be voted on tomorrow and thursday. First the Constitutional amendment for increase to legislators pay is stuck in Legal Administrative committee. This proposal would allow for an increase in the pittance that our citizen pols receive and would amount to $100- per session attended. I think there is a mileage increase as well but that is not public as of yet, to my knowledge. I think this is one we should all support and I have mentioned before that the State House elected officials have not seen a pay increase since Franklin Pierce and John Tholl, R-Dalton, were freshman law makers. CACR11. Good thinking.

The minimum wage bill, HB665, went through committee, 11-2 and came out as "Ought to Pass". This legislation allows for incremental increases of 50 cents over 28 months and hits the floor of the House tomorrow. Helping the people it was meant to help.

Finally tonight, a bill that has been passed around more than a bong at a frat party, or so I've heard, is the dreaded SB121. A smoke screen of rescheduling, changed venues and a long paper trail trying to follow this gem. The destructive ATV trails bill and anti safe drinking water debacle. I think we really need to keep a good eye on this one. It came out of the Senate Committee Wildlife and Environmental as "Inexpedient to Legilslate" but there is more action scheduled to be taken thursday. If it does not pass muster this time, I'm quite certain it will be another closet dealio that so many of our sneaky pols are famous for producing. Remember last terms SB458 and SB302? Well then you haven't been paying attention and I'm not going to remind you now. We do need to saty vigilant with this bill. Especially the special interest, anti environmental, power grabbing type proposed legislation of this nature. More as it happens.

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