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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Stretching a dollar, breaking the elderly

The Education (non)-funding bill and the State budget hit the floor this week. The Majority Righty Cowards on the House Education Committee, including North Country residents Rep. Bill- hey Scott wake me up- Remick, R-Lancaster and John - following the family careerist politico dream- Ward, R-Littleton, have not shown where the education bill will receive funding thus allowing our continued unfunded mandates to get rectally attached to our elderly residents of the State. Our North Country gets slammed big for these and their buddies lack of testosterone. Or more likely, lack of estrogen. Sad but true. As for the budget and the way Finance chair Rep. Fred- hackety slash- King, R-Colebrook, have cut social services and almost all programs attached to HHS. This guy is really a peach. Hey lady, give me that cane so I can hit your dog with it and give me those food vouchers. You've got education funding to pay. I don't get how they continue to tell this lie and their constituency that consistantly gets plowed, still votes them never ending terms. They refuse to admit in public that some other form of funding revenue needs to be realized. I'm even more surprised because most of the MRC are themselves prehistoric goats. You would figure they would get tired of the shafting of the ederly stuff. As former Hillsboro Rep. Larry Elliot said upon rendering his resignation, "...too many hang on until their last breath". Yeah, bad breath. The same problems and loe and behold, the same Righty party hacks trying to reinvent the wheel using the same wooden tree they have been using for 158 years. A couple of these guys actually planted that tree.

Some, including me, have heard many of these solons say the problems will not get solved with the same attempts at calling the property tax some other palatable, nuanced monicker. Even the bad guys agree we need alternative funding and the problems I'm hearing about passing the budget and no courage with the members of the House Ed Com, with their lack of brave souls giving positive solutions, will lead this political junkie to summize that change is indeed in the air and the air is blowing Democrat in the mid-terms. I'll keep you posted on these bills and their fate.

One more thing. Sending a HUGE shout out to our birthday Rep. Scott -still running for change and wake up Mr. Remick- Merrick. The future of the Country and the party. Hey Kathy, look out. If I get a chance to vote at the State party level, you're out and Merrick is in. No question. PEACE!!!

I have long wondered [as most evolved people have] at New Hampshires lack of an income tax. See an income tax is progressive. You make more money you pay money, you make little or next to nothing, you pay little or next to nothing.

Property taxes are regressive [or republican]. You may own a nice but have very little money. You are taxed on the value of something you hope NOT to have to sell.

Further more you are taxed on the best market value. So if you are a maine fisherman who lives in a shack on the ocean and a developer builds a bunch of $500,000 condo next door. Your shack will now be taxed based on it's value as development as condos. That means school tax and property tax.

I mean whether you own or rent, who isn't affected by higher property taxes.

Then it occured to me one day after hearing about yet another life long senior resident who was selling their home and moving out of state [maybe just across the river]... I started to think back to when I lived in Maine and hearing about their near crisis in medicare.

See there is not very much money to be made servicing Medicare recipents. So very few HMOs are willing to do it. The governor ofmaine said that they had to allow Blue cross to merge with another maine HMO as a pay off for them providing medicare to the state.

BANG! No income tax and Higher property taxes strikes at one group of citizens more then any other. The retired, seniors. You force them out of the state with high property taxes and you don't have to fit the bill for their medicare. Or any number of other senior services that are draining on state revenues.

Also there is a benefit to real estate agents. [[gee, I wonder if any real estate agents are state congress people?]] A number of which are against the income tax. Which at first I thought was strange wouldn't higher property taxes discourage people from buying homes in NH? Not people who stand to benefit from no state income tax.

Kick out the seniors and bring in the young families. I wonder if Maine and Vermont can sue NH for health care burdens of former New Hampshire Residents.
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