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Monday, March 21, 2005

Righty flip-flop.

Here's a quick one. While campaigning this past cycle, our team was up against some folks with interesting technique. Now Representative Bill Remick R-Lancaster, was telling more than a few of his then potential constituants not to vote for certain candidates on our team due to the fact that they are too young and inexperienced. Well I'd say that now Mr. Remick is very happy to be sitting next to that same former campaign opponent in our very own Representative Scott Merrick. Merrick is frequently asked by the confused Mr. Remick what bills are up and how to actually vote on things, when Bill is awake that is. The recent vote that takes away our constitutional right to free speech and to freely express our party affillitaion is one in which Mr. Remick voted to take that right away from us, first...then asked Merrick about the bill when it came back to the floor and after Merrick explained things to the elder statesman, Remick promptly flip-flopped and voted to give our voter choice back. One can see the obvious leadership qualities Mr. Merrick has and is clearly the go to guy for many confused Righty Reps. Good on you Scott. By the way, has anyone seen Bruce Lary? The Righty that got the free ride from Gorham??? Well neither has anyone in Concord. This guy has missed more votes that the Iraqis during Saddams reign. Keep an eye on these 2 confused, sleeping and absent pols. And tell all your friends they are not worth the 200 clams this term. GET ACTIVE !!!

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