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Thursday, March 24, 2005

NCDC Democratic triad powerhouse.

The meeting of the North Country Democratic Committee, chaird by Jerry Sorlucco, met at the Clamshell in Littleton tonight and things were very productive and quite like a planning session for invasion. I have to say the coordination, communication and spirit of the 30 plus party faithful was indeed encouraging. One of the observations made by this Roland Hedley blogoscyte is that the party heads had best watch out. This group is organized and there was some major juice in that room tonight. The message to the guy in the corner office is he'd better stop kowtowing to the Righties, publically touting them as "the best legislators in the State" and start acting like he's got a pair. And I don't mean a pair of matching sox. This group will have their 3 County strong, regional voices heard at the State and National levels no doubt. Talk in the room was abuzz about how the Democrats on all levels were laying down and letting the Righties make the moves. (see related story posted by Jon this blog-below, titled "Where are the Democrats") It's like all of a sudden we think it's off season for politics. Let me tell you something, the demon team is in the closet and that closet is the Republicans and the season is always open!!!
Some important issues were discussed not least of which was the NCDC's adoption of a Social Security resolution re-printed below with permission of the Committee. DINO-Joe and you other Democraticans (or is it Republicrats?) disregard at your own peril and it could be a career ending decision.
Resolution adopted and approved by NCDC, 24Mar2005;
Whereas Social Security( here after SS) is the most successful domestic program n Amercian history, having provided a guaranteed retirement safety net for millions of Americans since 1935, and

whereas current Congressional Budget Office projections report the trust fund will remain solvent through 2052, afterwards covering 81% of promised benefits, with no change to the program, while transition costs alone for abandoning SS in favor of private accounts are estimated at $2T ( that's two trillion dollars), and

whereas the so called "crisis" in SS is a manufactured scare tactic intended to bolster President Bush's plans to replace SS with an unstable market-based system,

Be it resolved the the North Country Democratic Committee of New Hampshire opposes any effort to phase out and'or replace SS, in whole or in part, in favor of a private accounts based system, and

Resolved that the North Country Democratic Committee of New Hampshire will not support ficancially any Democratic candidate who expresses support for, advocates for or votes for such a plan.

Like I said, this group is serious about taking back their Government for the people. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when this collective voice of North Country workers gets down to the Flatland and flexes their muscle to the party heads. No more binnez as usual. There's a new crew in town. I can't wait for the mid-terms. Cha...ching!

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