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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Minimum wage fight.

Talk about no raise since Franklin Pierce was in office. House minority team leader Teri Norelli is seeking to change that. Hearings were held yesterday on a modest increase in our States paltry minimum wage. The lowest in New England!!! An increase of $1.50 to be spread out in increments of 2 1/2 years will effectively assist the working poor, single parent workers, women and the aged seeking to pad their ever shrinking Social Security benefits. Now I have to tell you that some of our very own Democrats last year sided with then House Speaker Rep. Gene- I'm sorry you caught me- Chandler in breaking the tie to kill the increase 172-171. I know who these Reps are and will watch later when this bill gets to the floor. I also was present when one of the Righty Reps from District 2, produce manager who will remain nameless, that was talking to his Shaws store manager and I about this very bill last year told us that it was not in Shaws budget to give raises to bag boys and cashiers. Well how do you like them apples? Here are the 3 members of the Coos delegation that are on theomm labor, industrial and rehabilitative committee to the House. Herb Richardson, Bruce Lary, and Ed Mears,D- Get on these pols and remind them that not too long ago Hubert Humphrey asked our gumment to protect these very folks that this bill will is designed help. It may not make millionaires out of anyone but the last time I went to Shaws, they were still the highest price grocery store around. RAISE UP!!!

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