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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Maries B+B and a blog full of theologic analogy

I sometimes take trips to visit some of my favorite people on the planet and stay at where we all affectionately refer to as Maries B+B. I don't get the chance to spend enough time at my Nanas. Neesey and Uncs live upstairs and they have been a very influential and important part of my life and continue to be. Weekends at Maries come with the latest movies, breakfast at Peter's Kitchen,( although Peters is now closed, what to do next trip!!!) and much, sometimes heated debate over one of our favorite subjects, politics. Neesey is a staunch Righty. I question her often as to where she continues to get her one sided propaganda info and why Sean Hannitty and Anne Coulter is on her cell speed dial. I was prompted by her to look into Mr. Grover Norquist and found a similar, possibly unhealthy, psychologicallydisturbing relationship between Peggy Noonan, Grover Norquist and the way they hold homage to President Reagan. Now I like Reagan and I do believe he did much good for our Country, especially our military. (I'm sure I'm not making many fans from this reading base but I will only speak the truth and from my heart. If you have a problem with an aspiring pol doing so then I hope you vote for me just the same.) However, I also am quite sure that if any of the latest Democrats in the Executive Branch possibly, or more likely probably, violated provisions under the Arms Export Control Act as Reagan may have , I'm sure we would have more than one Dem impeachment on record. So many Righties hold the now deceased Mr. Reagan in the same regard as the Pope and further as a second Christ himself. Lord forgive me. Reagan may have been "A" god, but he was not THE GOD. I would think the 1.2 billion Muslims on Earth would agree with me. Mr. Norquist is hiding behind his "for the people tax reform" when he knows all too well that simplifying the tax code would not allow so many of his investments and their mother conglomerates to hide behind, and in, so many loopholes and confusing leagalspeak. Grover is a stalwart Righty himself with frequent strategy pow-wows with Aspin, Heritage, Halliburton and Carlisle. Norquist is the guy hoping to keep the teacher on the church bread line and the bully in the school yard stealing the geeks lunch money. Evil at its lowest. I'm happy that Ms. Noonan has at least taken issue with Dubya and has made several of her WSJ Ops about how concerned she is with his speaches in search of monsters to invade and all the Vulcans and Hawks in the Cheney Administration making plans to set their legacy in American troops and foreign civilians blood. She also hints at the fact that this same Administration so protects our Co-President that he will not take questions from anyone at any event that actually had an original thought or opinion that were not vetted before hand. Mr. Bush is not a very smart man and it's unfortunate so many other peolple are not willing to admit he bought the White House, twice. Running on continued redacted statements from former Cabinet members to make it look like today we live in the Garedn of Eden. Bush and his bunch are the snake with the apple. The DINO-Joes and his Righty ilk have done so much to advance this Administrations agenda that Beelzubob himself just sits back, laughs and collects his dividends on the same island Grover and Newt and his buds visit often. I wonder why the leadership and Homeland security officials spent so much time on that same Hawaiian island?Hmmm. Newt for Prez??? The Righty agenda is to allow the Kleptocrats and the conglomerates to move offshore under protection of our taxpayer funding and with tax provisions and incentives that assist them and encourage them to do so. We lost the House, Senate and the Exec Branches too quickly and tragically. It's clear there are not many with the cajones to stand up against the lobbyist money that is so readily handed out to both sides. Or now it seems to only one side as there is not more than 9 cents differecne between DINO- Joe and his Righty pals in the same ailse he sits in. Senator Jim Jeffords was taunted by many including Bush's very own Judd Gregg and literally forced out of the party for having flexed his independent, progressive views on more than one occassion. Jeffords is a champion of the environment, education and folks and I wish him luck on his possible/potential bid for Vermont guvnah. Too many folks like him get swept under the rug and stomped by the same political machine our Founders warned us against so many years ago. A one, contiguous, political, overwhelming majority that combines an unhealthy and extreme Righty Congress, Judicial and Executive, with the minority, in every sense of the word minority, gets re-apportioned out of any influential part of the process. We have a very big job to do. Help advance the efforts of the Paul Hodes, Scott Merricks, Bernie Buzzells, Justin Nadeaus and so many at the local level to do what Montana managed to do even though it took them 40 years. We in this State have been under Righty tyranny at the State level for 158 years. Enough is certainly enough. Get your rectally attatched thumbs out from under your seat and move to progress. If you don't know where to start, contact us here and we will get you to the level of participation a bit more than the level that too many of us are at now. Stagnant. It does not take money, although individual campaigns may ask for some, it takes only a few hours a week, or more depending on your energy, and like NHPR says, we can't make the call for you. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, read this running thome over again and get the message. We are Democrats. We share so let's get our heads together and brainstorm how the top spots can move our way and help that of our future. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Maries B+B. Neesey would actually make a good school board member. PEACE !!!

Before George W it was Ronny Reagan that ran the largest deficit in US history. Plus there is that whole... iran contra thing... and the November surprise where Reagan bribed the shah [with guns and a birthday cake] not to release the hostages until after the election. costing Jimmy Carter the election. Also there is the whole destroying the social safety net and letting our inner cities and African American communities sink in to poverty, crack cocaine, and hopelessness. It was during the Reagan 80’s that K street and the lobbyist basically took over our government. If we thank Reagan for the collapse of the soviet union he should at least be credited with the collapse of our government too.

But unlike Republicans I don't demand ideaological homogeny from my fellow politicians [or political aspirants. The very definition of liberal means to to open to all points of view and ideas.

As for Noonan and Norquist, they are just a couple of sycophantic whores at the capitalist gangbang.
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