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Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's their turn

It seems that Republican leadership and rank in file members are growing weary of answering questions about alleged criminal Tom Delay. Hmmm. Too bad. The Righties are livid about private groups, including Move.on and others, spending upwards ( in bad guy estimates) of $60M to bash Delay and bring about the truth of the corruption in the Righty majority. I hope that the money continues to pour in and these groups can continue to plow through the layers of corrupt officials but I fear that even Mr. Soros doesn't have sufficient funding.

The Republicans didn't have a problem spending approximately $46M in taxpayer funds to overly investigate and impeach a President that had consensual sex with another adult. They shout that advertisements paid for with private funds is "reprehensible and politically driven". No shit. That's just what the Righties are normally touting, free enterprise.

On a semi-related note and Passport-gate... Lynch transition team appointee and former assistant Sec'y of State Betty Tamposi was the driving force behind the passport search that was included in the "high crimes and misdemeanors" the Clinton administration allegedly committed. Passport gate, as it had become to be called, was directly linked to the Bush 41 Whitehouse. I've heard of reaching across the aisle but I'm not sure if Governor Lynch, R/small d-Hopkington, is aware of which side his bread is buttered on. I think we are finding out much to my chagrin. We'll see if he keeps Benson holdover Kelly Ayotte on his team today. This is the deadline of Ms. Ayottes tenure. RISE UP!!!

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