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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A fractured House

I gotta tell you. News like this is better than finding money with pictures of naked people on it. It appears to be a case of Righty feuding and power struggles between fired House Speaker Chandler and his henchmen and current House Speaker Scammon and Commerce Committee Chair Sheila Francoeur, R-Hampton. A parliamentary move was made today on HB611, a bill referring to small group insurers, that seperated the confusing bill into 2 parts. Well deposed Deputy Speaker Mike Whalley, R-Alton, and some cohorts in deception, decided they didn't like the way the initial portion of the bill passed and wanted to again merge the bill into one piece of omnibus legislation. The bill had already been divided and debated. Ms. Francoeur and the Good Speaker Scammon would have no more debate and as for rancor in the House, they wanted none of that. Send in the hounds the gloves were off. Apparently something akin to friday night wrestling at the castle ensued and the dirty laundry was aired. The Righty leadership and the supposed rank in file members are not in agreement with the way things are being run. Too bad boys. Wait a few more years and you'll really get what you deserve, a Democrat majority. Needless to say I am ecstatic that the defunked Chandler regime is fighting to get their voice back and will no doubt be put in their place more than once in this coming term. Maybe there is still an indictment that will send thse fellas for some free lodging on the State.

On to the Ed bill and it appears the new proposal passed with much disagreement as to a solid source of funding. The budget is still being hashed out and the only recourse left to the good guys on this bill would have been to revert back to SB302. Not good for us in the North Country. I discussed the possibility with a highranking Representative, as to the possibility of the deceptive Righty Majority Cowards driving legislation through that has no good results for the publics best interest. The good guys, that again is us and our elected Democratic troopers, are forced to vote for bills that are mediocre at best and are no win situations for anyone except the shlepp that has sponsored new legislation. We all know that John F. Kennedy said in Profiles in Courage that even a mediocre bill is better than no bill at all. Hmmm. I don't know about that and I'm sure we all read that excellent literary work. Anyhooo, we have a new formulation for State Education funding and it's now on to finance for final metrics.

One more thing. Over 1000 bills were introduced this year already. That's down about 10% from last year. Not last term, last year. How freakin many laws do we really need???

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