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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fire in the House!

The Granite Block House has not seen action like this since Franklin Pierce was picked to be President. Representative Scott Merrick from Coos Distict 2 in Lancaster is nothing nice and pure HEAT!!!
The HB-55 Industrial Hemp progam proposal went through with substantial assistance from Merrick as the Parliamentary Inquiry Rep for the Dems on this bi-partisan effort. Merrick worked closely with the Ag and Enviro Chair, David Babson R-Ossipee. There was a political reconsideration offered by Babson and Merrick that was only to allow the bill to come to the floor again but blocks any more changes to this carefully well crafted piece of agricultural assistance. I don't know about you but I am keeping a close eye on this Merrick guy and so should Paul Hodes. If Hodes doesn't get serious then Merrick will no doubt fill the Congressional District 2 slot that has been so lacking in leadership and original thought and a spot that will be earned and not bought as Bass has said he was heir. Hot air! Merrick!!! Who is this guy!!!
Incedentally, Representative Merricks protege Bill Remick could not be awoken for comment.
HB-55 next moves to the finance committee then to the Senate.

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