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Monday, March 28, 2005

A few possibilities.

I've been giving this some considerable thought. Several months ago I approached our then gubernatorial candidate John Lynch and asked him his stance on civil unions. I didn't broach the subject of gay marriage as I wanted to hear his feelings on the less contentious subject first. It didn't get that far and I was very upset by the Righty answer I received from the Lynch bouncer that blocked my way to the good candidate. The patsy told me that "Mr. Lynch wants to wait and see what the commission report on this subject will be then make his decision based on that". Ohh. O.K. For a minute I really thought I was speaking to another Righty hack but I was at the Truman dinner and we would have no doubt been hit by lightning and the T+C would have been on fire. Lynch still has the same view of the subject incedentally. My point here is that our good guys on all levels of gumment and politics don't wish to commit. This is clearly one reason I am not in elected office right now. I have a set of bronze walnuts and don't have a problem speaking my mind on damn near any issue. Hmmm. A losing strategy indeed. If you need to wait for a committee report to make up your own mind I'm thinking, as I have said before, you may only be the least worst pick of the worst millionaires we have to vote for. (That is if you are a millionaire which I will be once I hit this powerball) Many of our elected officials have a problem with truth and sincerity. If they think the subject doesn't warrant a straight answer, or the answer may cause too much furor to protect their incumbancy,as in these latest cases of Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, death with dignity, Supreme Court nominees and so many other issues that we have been waiting for some kind of word from OUR side, the issue does not bring praise or condemnation from our good guy party leadership. This I think is true of Mr. Dean and Ms. Sullivan not to mention most of our elected party faithful. I would be peeing myself just a little with laughter if the subject were not so tragic,sad and pathetic. Where is the leadership? Where is the backbone? Give your line on an issue and show that you have what the public is looking for, a straight answer from their government officials. Kick up some dust and take the offensive for once instead of waiting to be handed the terms and analysis of your loss at the polls. At least we will know that our side has some original thought and integrity instead of being a sheep following the the other sheep. "Following in lock step" is what Jon referred to as the Righties that don't take control of their corrupt party. We really need to get off our collective dead asses and make the views from the good guys, that would be us, be the views we wish to have discussed and pushed through as legislation. MAKE SOME NOISE !!!

I think what my good friend Mr. Cowie speaks of is the backbone, or lack there of in many cases. All too often the elected officials are bought by the bureaucracies that unfortunately control politics right now. If not that, then they are too scared to come out and take a firm stance. Well, here's where I stand: I am for civil unions. Hell, I'm for human rights. That means no one American citizen should ever be denied the same rights as another. I am pro-choice and will always support legislation that protects women's rights. These issues, however, aren't necessiarly the issues we should get into long debates about. I'm not saying that they aren't worth fighting for. However, when our country for which people fight so hard to defend, faces economic troubles, an education system that is mediocre at best, a healthcare system that won't support itself for much longer, I become baffled why we waste our time on issues that, although important, shouldn't be the center of important debate that decides which candidate wins. These issues should only be pieces of the entire puzzle that one puts together to figure out which candidate is best. Still, Mr. Cowie is right. We are facing a political climate where politicians are politicians, not statesmen. Many are afraid to stand up and fight for the battles that need fighting. It is a sad time when politicians sell out to bureaucrats and the bottom line: the almighty $.
Bravo Representative Merrick!!! Once again you prove that you, as a freshman statesman, are indeed the good future of our State and Country and you again prove your leadership abilities. Thank you for your response.
You guys rock! You also give me some hope for the future of the Democratic party. Pandering to the right, and abandoning our principles is killing the party.
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