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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Establishing N.H. Industrial Hemp Industry

A new bill hitting the floor for debate tomorrow is the HB-55. This excellent proposal is a no brainer, or so it would seem to us forward thinking individuals. This bill establishes a self funded industrial hemp industry that will be closely regulated and fee based to the amount of acres planted. It will be under permits and fees of which will go into the special program and seed revenue fund specifically designed for this project. Approximately 11 other states already have passed legislation allowing for similar plans but the DEA and USDA refuse to allow permits to be issued.

There are several positve circumstances driving the attempted passage of this bill. Several years ago at the Federal level, the huge, factory confinement dairy lobby was able to get Congress not to renew the NorthEast dairy compact. An excellent compact that allowed almost all of the New Hampshire, and other small New England, dairy farmers to remain competitive and profitable. Hundreds of acres of the farmers land has gone fallow to those farmers that could not "get big" so they got out. So much for the attractive view shed that is so much a part of our beautiful countryside. This bill would help to revitalize dead, over grown fields and the crop could be used additionally for animal feed. Another positive outcome would be the dietary benefits from the Omega 3's, 6's and 9's and plant related oils that will allow pregnant women and others susceptable to Mercury poison (from the 85% of our New Hampshire waterways injected with drastic amounts of Mercury force feeding our fish) to get healthy levels of the Omegas in a natural, unpolluted manner. An added benefit of hemp is in the area for our handy New Hampshire crafters to be able to fabricate clothing and natural rope. These are only a few of the benefits that could be gleaned from passage of such well thoughtout legislation. A self funded, self sustaining program is just what our agriculture is supposed to be.

I will try to ask Mr. Bass this evening if he will stand behind his New Hampshire State legislature, farmers, craft industry and the future health of our children and soon to be mothers in our state if the bill does indeed pass, to gerate discussion on the Federal level to open up permitting for this overdue industry. I'll let you know what he said later this P.M. after the town meeting at the Groveton library, 5:00 tonight. I do hope to see you there.

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