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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Congress and bad timing

The news is jammed with 2 cases of the most tragic circumstances. One case involving a young man going on a shooting rampage in an Indian reservation that has chronic unemployment and sad living conditions at best. The schools never received proper funding and alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant. Now Congress is expressing regret that more could not have been done. Eleven dead and at least seven wounded. More than likely the psychological effects will show up for years to come in too many more victims. If Congress intervened years ago and gave the people of the community what it was promised, we may not be having this conversation.

The other case, in which Congress feels the need to insert its opinion, is with the death with dignity debacle of Terri Schiavo. "Home living will kit" sales have gone up around 180% since this case made headlines. The first case our government should have gotten involved, the second they should be keeping their collective noses out of the fracas. For his lack of infinite wisdom, a former Texas governor signed the futile care bill which gives hospitals in that state the right to remove life support, regardless of the family's wishes, if the patient couldn't pay. The Schiavo family need not worry about finances. The Bush administration will now continue to starve Medicaid and Medicare systems so the poor folks still can't argue to keep their loved ones on life support and people with the where with all can't take them off, but as in a recent case in Texas, a baby was indeed taken off without the mothers consent due to the mother being indigent. If you are rich, or in a high end community you don't need to despair because Congress will help protect the people footing the bill. If you live in destitute conditions and can't afford a good education and facitilites or hospice care, Congress has no compunction about pulling the plug and turning their back on you.

I was always taught to help those that can't help themselves and that life is precious. Quality of life should also be a factor here. Despair surley drove that young man in Minnesota to the edge and I'm sure despair is driving Mr. Schaivo to plead for his wifes right to die. It is no doubt Gods will. A bit serious here from me I know but the hypocracy of our leaders is infuriating. Oregon has the right idea for some folks. Send your prayers or healing powers or best wishes to all the victims in these cases and send the same along to our government to pull its head out of its backside. Peace.

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