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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bass, Cows and Social Security.

First let me give you a gee whiz good to know factoid. The average dairy cow emits approximately 40 pounds of manure a day. Bush has got a real blue ribbon winner with Charlie Bass. If the Good Congressman were a milk cow, he'd be way above average. Those of you that know me personally know that I sometimes get a bit... animated. Tonight I enjoyed myself and after I was told to "take it easy" I, ah, didn't. Mr. Bass went on to tell the small crowd the mess Social Security was in but had no plan to fix it... "I want to hear what you have to say about it". Thanks Congressman. I think it should be left alone and stop borrowing against the same fund you and your Righty leadership are trying to "fix". That being said Charlie had some drab charts with figures that came from the SSA. No big deal there. When I asked why he thought things needed to be fixed, I got in some sort of zone and lectured the Congressman on why the Administration let all the good people go like Paul O'Neill, Christie Todd Whitman and Colin Powell. They, obviously, spoke out against certain policy issues with an air of truth that doesn't fit the type of smokscreen being passed off by Bass and members of his ilk in the Social Security mess. Mr. Bass retorted with "...well, what do you see wrong with these charts? Don't you trust the SSA?"No and I also told him I didn't trust Al Greenbushspan. I was baxcked up by a few folks there so My night wasn't totally wasted. Needless to say, it was not a very eye opening meeting as far as the Righties having any way to fix things!!!

There were only about 7 regular citizens there and several issues were discussed. Paying down the debt, Congress stop raiding the fund, stop making the generations exclusive of eachother, raising income cap for contribution into the plan, getting a handle on illegal immigration, taxing imports to contribute into the fund, dogs and cats living together and the Sox moving to Stark. Quite a few interesting ideas on how gumment should fix a plan that is not yet quite broke. I did ask the Congressman if he was the go to guy to secure funding for a veterans PTSD facility in Manchester VA. After I explained to him what PTSD was, he said "Sure, I'm your guy". Yeah, sure you are. You're my guy if I need to freshen up my garden this spring. You folks didn't miss much. There weren't even any press there. Just a load of mooo.

In a blatant propaganda session like this one the best outcome would be if all the regular folks stayed home and the anti-policy folks come out. Bass is just being the little PR boy for bush trying to convince regular folks to go along with bush’s plan. In this case the general public’s total disengagement from politics [and everything else] works in our favor. No one was misinformed by Bass’s little BS “Bull” session and on the flip side it sounds like we had some people there to remind Bass if he is going go along with Bush on this it will hurt him.
Go Willie!
It's sad that more people weren't there to burst Bass's happy bubble, but he's getting it everywhere. He got a big time grilling in Epsom the other day:

The move to destroy Social Security is based solely on ideology - and Alan Greenspan has become no more than a shill for the neocons. Borrowing $2-4 trillion to fix something that isn't broken makes no financial sense. Greenspan's expiration date is up. Bush's too, for that matter.

Keep fighting the good fight!

susan bruce
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