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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Back room politics and big pork

I have to say that I got what I expected. I had to leave early so I wouldn't blow my breakfast in front of the few public members that were there. The Coos County delegation is on its way to approving just under $26M. That would be $26,000,000. Twenty six million bucks to tack on to your property tax contribution to the county. That is of course if there are no surprises in underfunding from the state this year. First off, I know why we are having so many problems with progress in this state. The Coos county Righty leadership spent about a half hour figuring who's head needed to be pulled out of who's ass so that someone could get the procedures and decorum on the legal tip. Really, though, there are a few people to watch. Our own Representative Scott Merrick, D-Lancaster was about the only solon asking for fiscal responsibility and communication with respect to one of my former board member bosses in the money pit that is the Coos Economic Development Corp. Herb Richardson, R-Shaws, had his bread buttered by the director of the CEDC, Peter Riviere, last cycle so Herb was laying the produce on thick. Our guy Merrick was insisting on accountability and reporting where our tax $$$ will seep into. Keep an eye on this future Presidential Cabinet member. Big stuff from him I'm sure. Another one of the legitimate workers of the people is Bernie Buzzell, D-Berlin. This guy is hot on anything that has healthcare, elderly and underprivilege attatched to it. Huge plans to be unveiled soon for pilot and ground breaking programs for elderly care by Rep. Buzzell. My guess is he will be a very good pick for HHS Commish as soon as Lynch and crew can get their Y chromosome lined up to fire Benson obstructionist holdover John Stephen. Bernie has a future with the people for sure.

Another of our freshman team members is the new Sherriff in town, Gerald Marcou. This top cop had his bullets in one sock and is hoping to get a new car from the County to perform his chasing of desperados with. He said 90% of his time is in the cruiser and that's great. I guess the other 10% is in Tea Birds cafe. County Commish Paul Grenier, D- Berlin, offered to negotiate a vehicle at cost for the County taxpayers. County delegation Chair, Righty party hack Rep.John Tholl, R- Dalton, wrongly suggested possible improprieties in that car dealio since the Good Commish Grenier is employed by Curriers. The other Commishes assured the audience of the headsup, professional, ehtical manner in which Mr. Grenier offered his services. It is not only legal but also right for the taxpayers and we should thank Mr. Grenier and the other Commishes for the offer to save us some $$$. I would say here that Rep. Tholl should know a little something of questionable ethical behavior since he used to carry the Scooby Doo lunch box for former House Speaker Rep. Gene- I didn't know that was against the law- Chandler. These guys should all be lucky they are not doing time across the yard from where Martha spent a few months. Anyhooo, all in all a comical, sad and eye opening meeting of the delegation. The same players and same results. I hope that quasi Righty Edi Tucker took copious notes that she can read and see that our side is the group that gets proper headlines and defined fiscal restraint and responsibility correctly. Time to set the record straight and more as it happens. My goodness GET ... you know.

I think we too often don't ask the hard questions, the questions that need asking. Also, we find ourselves going along with whatever everyone else is. Why is that? Why are people so afraid to question the leadership that we all elected? I really hope that I can serve all of my constituents by asking the questions about fiscal responsibility and communication. I thank Mr. Cowie for his words and his willingness to be a leader. His drive and passion to ask the tough questions and speak the truth are very honorable and I hope that someday very soon he can sit where I sit and have a major impact in leading the state into an age of fiscal responsiblity. Keep up your intensity for change, as it inspires so many.
I am not sure what Mr. Cowie means when he labels the reporter Edie Tucker a "Rightie." In my opinion Edie is an excellent journalist motivated only by a desire to do honest journalism.
Thank you for your comment Mr. Grant. I have known Edi for a short time and I too had the same opinion as you when I first met her. I indeed meant no disrespect to her. This past election cycle, however, have indeed opened my eyes to how certain journalists feel they are the keepers of the key to free speech and press and will not allow certain issues to the public forefront unless these issues are espoused and supported by specific voices. I feel Ms. Tucker has lost her independent objectivity and has taken to the Righty way of thinking on many occassions. That being said, it is very difficult for one to prove or dis-prove personal opinion when it might not be in line with our own. Thank you again for your attention and it is gratifying to me that there are people out there that will help me keep my feet on the ground.
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