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Friday, March 25, 2005

Arrogance, hubris and Federal housing

These guys just don't get it. They have been getting away with so much for so long and calling the shots that even when the judge says do your time, these party buffoons say, well, only if I can golf, play tennis, go out for a steak every friday night, karaoke at the CLUB and have conjugal visits. See story "Former Exec. Dir. NH Republican party sentenced" NH Insider. These guys have been getting pretty light pats on the wrist for violating one of the most basic Constitutionally protected rights ever invented in the history of mankind. We have American citizens dying to help other country's get what we hold so sacred, the right to vote in a democracy. On top of that they insist on offering apologies to their party brethren instead of the Democratic party and the entire electorate as a whole. When Dante spoke of the hottest places in hell being reserved for those who don't act, I do think he should have included those Righties that act like asses. That would be some pretty packed quarters.

Critics always accused democrats and liberals of "IN FIGHTING". They say we should be more like the republicans. They march in lock step. They never break ranks. But this is what you get when you have a politic party marching in lock step. ZERO republicans with enough intgrity to police their own parties corruption. They control all the major offices of government that means NO checks and NO balances to control them.

Even if you don't like the democrats, or don't agree with their policies you should vote for them to riegn in the conruption. And pundits should stop praising ideological conformity and develop a respect for people who have value beyond their immediate personal gain.
Very true. The attempt last term to NH Constitutional amendment to have the already overwhelmingly Righty legislature make rules for the judicial is another step in the total control these hacks are looing at to extend their power and marginalize ALL other thinking. Carrerism and protecting the incumbant is not what the Founders had in mind. The people should control governemtn and to allow rules to be changed at the whim of the majority party with no regard to those checks and balances is actually criminal. I don't suppose there are 3 pols that you could stand next to eachother that could name the 5 freedoms in the First Amendment yet they can interpret and manouver the phrasing in the Constitution to fit their very criminal intentions. No clear way to solve the budget crisis but re-districting is no problem.
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