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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another related ethics story.

"The Implosion of the Ethics Process in Delays House" expands on my post earlier today. Very telling truth on the Common Cause web site on accountability in gumment. Take a quick minute and read their story from last week with more recent updates.

This is quite interesting. I had heard that the republicans changed the ethics rules.

==[Basically if filed a complaint and it was brought to the committee and the 5 dems and 5 repubs voted party lines they would HAVE an investigation. They [republicans] changed the rules so if it's a tie there is NO investigation. Plus delay pulled the repubs off the committee who were critical of him and put on people who actually CONTRIBUTED MONEY to his legal defense fund.]==

But what I didn't know until yesterday is that the enthics committee actually disbanded. The DEMS [god bless 'em] said that they would not be apart of the committee with the new "fixed" ethics rules. The committee's rules state that if one party does not participate the committee is won't happen.

So in a very literal since their is NO ethics committee in congress now. It's gone.
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